BIOX Life Sciences Exposition

a full day of discovering The Brave New World of Cancer Immunotherapy through multiple panel presentations

But in science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not the man to whom the idea first occurs" - Sir Francis Darwin

Provocative conversations. Promising collaborations. Probing deep into the transformative science of immunotherapy. BioX promises to enlighten investors on the process of bringing new therapies from the bench to the bedside. Experience plenary panel presentations from the perspective of key opinion leaders and the companies involved in the advancement of the science. The panelists will include preeminent immuno-oncology thought leaders and experts from leading academic institutions, Big Pharma, and innovative immuno-oncology companies. The panels will address challenges that are central to the next phase of cancer immunotherapy drug development. Investors should expect a robust, and sometimes controversial and heated, debate. An intensely personal and intimate event with only 50 investors invited.

Who should attend?

Life Sciences Companies І Equity Analysts І Institutional Investors І Family Offices

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