Hundreds of public company executive guest speakers. Headliners like three of the most recognizable celebrity investors on the planet. Provocative panels. One-on-one meetings. The After Hangar Party. NobleCon20. The premier in-person multi-sector emerging growth equity conference of the year.


NobleCon has become the preeminent showcase of emerging growth companies. It’s about unfettered access to 200+ public company c-suite executives. Attendees ranging from high-net-worth individuals through to institutional portfolio managers. Panels of key opinion leaders covering topics that matter. Scheduled 1×1 meetings for qualified attendees. Past headliners ranging from Larry King to President George W. Bush. Networking and wind-down events designed to both entertain and keep productivity going. Organizational excellence in a technologically advanced environment. NobleCon20 at Florida Atlantic this December. If you’re looking for the next apple, this is your orchard.


The Florida Atlantic University, College of Business Executive Education (COBEE) complex rivals any comparable facility in the world, with a layout perfect for Noble’s annual equity conference. However, hi-def giant screens, tiered classroom-style seating, and full hard-wired internet and webcasting capabilities in each room are not the reasons we made the move to Florida Atlantic. For more than a decade Noble has worked with the University on developing programs to integrate business and education. From the initiation of the institution’s equity analyst research curriculum, development of Wall Street trading procedures and platforms, to our ongoing intern and international students’ employment programs, our strong ties with Florida Atlantic made the move an easy decision, with the completion of COBEE facility. And with the positive feedback from NobleCon19 attendees, the return to COBEE (with its professional development program ranked #2 in the United States by Financial Times) was an even easier decision. Plus, it’s distraction-free, unlike most hotel environments.


World-class headliners are part of the NobleCon DNA. NobleCon19 featured the 43rd President of the United States. President Bush masterfully delivered a message of optimism; regardless of these trying and divisive times, democracy will survive. For NobleCon20, the focus is on the importance of entrepreneurship, the economic significance of emerging growth companies, and the methodology of making strategic and disciplined investments. Considering who we are bringing to the stage, there couldn’t be a closer fit. You’ll meet “Mr. Wonderful,” Kevin O’Leary, information tech mogul Robert Herjavec, and FUBU founder Daymond John. Following an interactive fireside chat, the “Sharks” will travel down “Alligator Alley” to adjudicate a selection of pitches from Florida Atlantic students and alumni. And, yes, they may just invest in them personally! This first-of-its-kind event – the integration of business, education, investing and a little Hollywood – is expected to gain national attention.


Interesting companies, interesting people. These c-suite executives, from a cross-section of industry sectors, represent change, disruption of the status quo, and innovation. From an investment perspective, they can represent significant growth potential, often exceedingly more than talked-about names. That’s the purpose of NobleCon. Go where the financial channels do not. Showcase the up-and-comers, turn-around specialists, companies poised to revolutionize medicine, science, and technology. It’s the ultimate adventure in capitalism.


Who doesn’t love a great party? And we’ve become known for throwing some pretty good ones. 900 attended the NobleCon19 “AFTER” Gatsby-themed Hangar Party.  We’re changing things up, just a bit, for 2024. These experiential events are designed to delight and surprise even the most seasoned attendees. Most importantly, it offers another opportunity to network and showcase our presenting companies.





Sponsors are important. We’re selective and accept only those who fit the Noble ethical and cultural ecosystem. And help us elevate the NobleCon experience. There is still time to join the distinguished list of sponsors for NobleCon20. To be considered, click below.

Before we head into NobleCon20, Noble Capital Markets is pleased to present the Basic Industries Virtual Equity Conference Emerging Growth Virtual Equity Conference, taking place September 25th and 26th, 2024. This virtual gathering is set to be an immersive experience, bringing together a unique blend of investors, industry leaders, and experts in various sectors surrounding the natural resources, energy, industrials, and transportation spaces. This event will feature emerging growth public natural resources, energy, industrials, and transportation (and more) company executive presentations, Q&A sessions moderated by Noble’s analysts and bankers, and scheduled 1×1 meetings with qualified investors. Click the banner above to learn more.


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