Presenting companies

On January 30 - 31, 2017, NobleCon 13 will showcase most public companies, with a selection of private companies. Investment portfolio managers, equity analysts, private equity, angel investors, family office managers, high-net-worth individuals and financial advisors will have the ability to choose among four company presentations (each 1/2 hour) on the business strategy and outlook. Q&A follows each presentation. In addition, scheduled meetings, social mixers and networking events allow for corporate representatives to discuss their stories in a more casual and personable environment.

In order to establish the final list of emerging growth companies, Noble starts with the analysis of the companies. Our selection committee, consisting of Noble senior management, our equity analysts, investment bankers and members of our Life Sciences Advisory Board (LSAB) evaluates requests-to-present based upon the following fundamental criteria: sector relevance; unique product / service positioning in the marketplace; changes in management / direction / focus; potential catalytic events; under-followed, orphaned companies; market capitalization and liquidity, and; other available performance matrices.

Our goal is to offer investors new ideas and the opportunity to follow through and continue the dialogue with more familiar names. Although representation from all sectors is welcome based upon the above, expect a concentration of healthcare, technology, media & entertainment, defense and natural resources companies.

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