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Public Company Executives
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Years of Conference Experience

The new normal is what we’ve been doing for 15 years.

Now in its 17th year, NobleCon is recognized as the preeminent venue for small and microcap company executive teams to connect with the investment community. The online experience will not change that. With video webcast platforms popping up everywhere, offered as replacements for face-to-face meetings, you would think that this is something new. For many that’s true. Not for Noble. In 2006, we pioneered the exclusive use of high-performance video webcasting at every NobleCon. And not selectively; every presenting company. While many fumble through this “new” virtual world, we’ll once again be employing the award-winning technology of Mediasite. Expect a seamless, flawless experience… what you should expect from a 15-year collaboration.

NobleCon2 was the first simultaneous-multi-room application of the Mediasite technology. Today, the user experience is unmatched. You can swap the size of the video / PowerPoint (or opt to view with only one of the two only), pause and replay. And now with the added technology of Channelchek, you’ll be able to dig deeper into the presenters’ stories – access their presentation decks, corporate filings, press releases, advanced market data and more. 24/7.

NobleCon is all about generating investment ideas.

NobleCon is all about small & microcap companies. Selection of the presenting company roster is no small undertaking. We start with the best resource available, Channelchek.com. Channelchek offers investors access to institutional-quality research, advanced market data, company comparison tools, balanced news, and ChannelCasts of virtual road shows and c-suite interviews. All focused, exclusively, on emerging growth companies (more than 6,000 listed, with market capitalization of $10million - $1billion). Using Channelchek as the starting point, our selection committee gets to work. They evaluate requests-to-present based upon sector relevance, market position, changes in management, intellectual property, liquidity / exit strategies, potential catalytic events and other aspects of fundamental analysis. And because we’ll be recording and recasting on Channelchek, you don’t have to miss even one of the ChannelCasts.

NobleCon17 Presenting Companies List on Channelchek

Selected Past Speakers | NobleCon Video

You have a question; it will be answered. Without exception.

Our goal is to make the NobleCon17 experience as interactive as possible. Every executive who presents their company story wants to hear from you. Here’s how it works. Each company, at their scheduled time slot will have 20 minutes to formally lay out their plans and objectives. Watch, listen and send your questions. Immediately following the presentation, the presenter will be joined by a FINRA-licensed, seasoned Wall Street equity analyst who will moderate the Q&A session. Within the 20-minute time allocation, we’ll try and cover every question received as well as a few posed by the analyst. If we don’t get to yours LIVE, or if you think of a question when the camera goes dark, we’ll get you an answer directly from the company in the days following the conference. To protect the privacy of the participating investors during the conference, questioners will remain anonymous.

All Q&A sessions will be moderated by accredited, sector-specific, equity research analysts from Noble Capital Markets. Combined, these SEC-regulated analysts represent more than 150 years of Wall Street experience.

Who should attend: what’s in it for me?

For the first time in the rich history of NobleCon, you won’t have to think about how you’re dressed to sit-in on the sessions. But when it comes to the business of businesses, nothing has changed. As an investor - institutional, family office, RIA, independent broker or self-directed - this is the idea place. Meet the men and women representing the best of North American ingenuity; those who will shape our future in technology, manufacturing, natural resources, science, and medicine. Game-changers, many at the early stages of the game. Watch, listen, take notes, ask questions. Go deep into a sector, or sample the many industries represented at NobleCon17. If you’re looking for a ground-floor investment opportunity… the next Apple, then this is truly the orchard.

Attending NobleCon17 could not be easier.

First, there is no cost or qualifications to get your virtual name badge to attend this important event. Your name and email are all you need. Your NobleCon17 registration will also give you access to Premium Content of Channelchek, also at no cost (ever). Check in and check out all NobleCon17 has to offer.

Panel presentations; differing viewpoints on debatable topics.

Among the best-attended agenda items at NobleCon

Selecting speakers is the most critical aspect of a successful panel presentation; key opinion leaders who can offer a wide range of perspectives on a given topic. We’re doing that now. We don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach with scripted questions and prepared answers. Although panelists will know the general outline, our experienced moderators are skilled at bringing out all sides of the debate. The outcome, well, you’ll have to be logged in to find out, as it is often unpredictable and a little controversial. Expect topics that are just that; cannabis, biotechnology, foreign trade and the impact on emerging growth companies, blockchain, precious metal exploration, technology, investing… we’ll be posting panels and players leading up to NobleCon17. Refer to the Agenda for dates and times.

Here’s the panel schedule for NobleCon17

Targeted Cancer Therapeutics
Tuesday - 8:35am - Track 1

The Impact of COVID 19 on Supply and Demand (and Possible IMO Sulfur Content Regulation So Far)
Tuesday - 8:35am - Track 2

Current Market Conditions and Trends in Metals & Mining
Tuesday - 5:15pm - Track 4

Managing the Transition to a Greener Energy Environment
Wednesday - 5:15pm - Track 4


January 19-20, 2021

Noble Capital Markets Seventeenth Annual Small & Microcap Investor Conference

an online experience

Agenda For Each Day

View The Complete NobleCon17 Schedule on Channelchek

All times listed are Eastern Standard Time

Opening Remarks 8:00am - 8:30am

Panel Presentations 8:35am - 9:40am

Corporate Interactive Presentations (four simultaneous presentation tracks)

Formal Presentations Breakouts Q&A Sessions End
9:45am 10:05am 10:25am
10:30am 10:50am 11:10am
11:15am 11:35am 11:55am
12:00pm 12:20pm 12:40pm
12:45pm 1:05pm 1:25pm
1:30pm 1:50pm 2:10pm
2:15pm 2:35pm 2:55pm
3:00pm 3:20pm 3:40pm
3:45pm 4:05pm 4:25pm
4:30pm 4:50pm 5:10pm

Panel Presentations 5:15pm - 6:20pm

Detailed agenda to follow


NobleCon17 – January 19-20, 2021 – an online experience

The NobleCon live event is over, but there's more to discover. Channechek.com will host a full rebroadcast on Friday January 22, free to registered users

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